The Animal Within: A Discussion Circle

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February 10, 2018

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THE ANIMAL WITHIN: A DISCUSSION CIRCLE Delve into the heart of the beast and harness the true nature within you. Stalk your primal instincts and take down what feeds your soul, your animal. Here the pack will tear into the heart of what makes us tic, lick and savor the “AHHA!” moment when you realize that you are not what you thought you were but much more. Herr Wülfsunus first and foremost refers to himself as animal. Over the years his keen set of senses has lead him to feast and revel as an Elder of House of the Dreaming. He takes pride as a founder of the Iron Garden to regularly guide others of his type, down the path of the wild that calls them. Ambassador of Nightkind, Trismegistus Aga Khan is an ailuranthrope, an autodidact, and a passionate scholar of the universe. He is a member of the Order of the Black Marble, has served as Host for the Iron Garden and is currently spearheading The Machiavellian Order of Therianthropy. He applies his animal instincts and his human studies to create success in his professional and intra-personal endeavors.

Entrance fee varies $30-$70 depending on how many days, which days, and even which events.

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