Vitaortus Book Two

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July 25, 2017

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This supernatural fusion tale twists and twines along as Devi Trevathan, the world’s only Prime Channel (and herb-growing, immortal horticulturist), comes to grips with her critical new role. Nefarious forces and dueling romantic distractions vine around her, causing plenty of trouble and strife. New revelations about the tricky vampires she helps sheds light on their ancient mysterious ways as well as the special relationships with their human ‘bonded’. Can Lord Alec Gregory, Devi’s ‘Champion’ and facilitator, keep her safe and on track after horrifying events? And what of the magical wild card, Demetrios? Can the strange new friends Devi makes along the way help save them all from the looming mysterious apocalyptic plans of ‘The Brotherhood’? From Washington DC, to New Orleans, to Crete, Devi and The Vitaortus are in for a tasty, tangled, dangerous ride!

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