Posting Rules

To ensure your advertisement on Horror Classifieds is published, review our rules, terms and polices prior to creating your post.

Rules pertaining to ad details on Horror Classifieds

Horror Classifieds addresses any violation of these rules on a case by case basis. If a violation occurs, your posting will be removed from Horror Classifieds and a refund will not be issued.

  1. Offensive language: The use of offensive language or profanities is not acceptable. Horror Classifieds can remove or alter any posting that contains inappropriate language and or information. For further information refer to our Terms of Use.
  2. Third party intellectual property rights: Postings must not infringe third party intellectual property rights. This can include, but is not limited to copying and or displaying a third party’s logo, photo, or product description from any other source or seller’s advertisement. Items include pirated, counterfeit or unauthorized music, movies, television shows and video games.
  3. References to third party organizations and or websites: Sellers cannot make reference to other advertising with any third party organization and or website that buy and sell products outside of Horror Classifieds.
  4. Sellers cannot misrepresent products or items: All products and items must be described realistically and honestly, listed in appropriate categories, and entered with correct keywords.
  5. One product or item per posting: sellers can only post one item per posting and every posting must have only one selling price. Sellers can only list multiple items if they are identical and differ only in colour and or size.
  6. Intent of sale: all sellers must only post products or items they intend to sell. Do not create posts for something you are unwilling to part with.
  7. Categories: To ensure a buyer finds your product or item it is important that you pick the most appropriate category when creating a posting. Do not cross promote your product or item by publishing it in multiple categories.
  8. Prohibited products and items: Horror Classifieds prohibits the sale or advertising of certain items and illegal activities. For further clarification reference our prohibited items list if you are uncertain about your product or item.
  9. Prohibited content: All postings on Horror Classifieds must comply with our guidelines and all applicable laws. Posting titles and descriptions must not include personal contact details, difference pricing details, offensive language or prohibited payment methods.
  10. Prohibited images: Horror Classifieds reserves the right to remove any postings that in our opinion are obscene, offensive or vulgar. This includes frontal nudity or any representation or human genitalia.
  11. Prohibited products and items: adult or erotic products and services, animals, blood or bodily fluids, counterfeit products, embargoed goods, escort services, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, illegal services, identity records or personal information, massage services, obscene material or child pornography, images that contain any nudity, prostitution or postings offering sex in exchange for money, recalled products or items, sexual services including use of webcams, stolen property or used cosmetics. Any artwork postings including paintings, photography, prints, drawings or sculptures must be appropriate a minor to view and cannot contain nudity.
  12. Tickets: Regulations regarding ticket re-sales are set and controlled by the ticket issuer or promoter. We do not prohibit re-sale of tickets to events; however, restrictions, legislations and terms and conditions set forth by the original ticket issuer must be followed by the seller. It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure ticket sales do not contravene the ticket terms and conditions or any applicable law. Horror Classifieds is not responsible for ticket regulation and as a buyer you are purchasing tickets at your own risk.
  13. Pricing: All sellers must complete the “selling price” field and not include pricing information in the posting titles in any format including numbers, symbols and or written words.
  14. Prohibited payment methods: Sellers are not to instruct buyers to mail cash.
  15. Contact details: All posting titles, images and descriptions must not include seller personal information including name, address or email address. All necessary details are generated from information you enter in the registration fields and will be made available to buyers in your postings.
  16. Violating rules and policies: Breaching any rules and or policies may result in post removal, account suspension, and no refunds will be issued.